Exam Results Best Ever


Welcome back to another exciting year at Hemsworth.

If you haven’t seen already the results were the academy’s best ever. We increased the percent of students achieving a grade 4 or better in English and maths by 17%. We also increased the percent of students achieving a grade 5 or better in English and maths by 17%. These are two really important milestones that will significantly enhance the life chances of many children.

I am delighted with these record results. It is credit to the hard work put in by staff, Governors, parents/carers and most of all students. These results demonstrate that the school is rapidly moving in the right direction and is one that the community can be proud of.

Rest assured there will be no complacency with these results. I passionately believe many more students are capable of these key thresholds. In order for us to continue to move in the right direction, we need to improve attendance. All of our results’ analysis highlight poor attendance being a major barrier to student achievement. Last year our attendance figure improved by 5% to 87%, however this is well below the national average attendance of 94.5%. The target for students is to have a minimum attendance of 95%. If your child has a genuine medical condition that effects their attendance, please contact us if you haven’t already, so we can support you. Please continue your support of the academy and monitor your child’s attendance regularly throughout the year. We want to praise students with good attendance and this will form part of the selection criteria for any desirable trips that we offer.

Once again, thank you for your support last year. I look forward to working with you this year to continue to improve your child’s education.

Yours faithfully

Toby Rutter