Year 11 Prom


Arrangements for Year 11 Prom – Burntwood Court Hotel (Monday 2/7/18)

Students have had to attempt to meet three different criteria over a period of time in Year 11 in order to attend the prom:

Ø Attendance (95% or above)

Ø Motivation (Average score of 4 or above)

Ø Behaviour (Appropriate behaviour in line with Academy policies)

Tickets will go on sale next week and are available from student services. Ticket includes entry to prom and buffet meal

The price of the ticket is dependent on how many of the criteria students have met (see below)

Students who have met all the criteria - £15 per ticket (Gold ticket)

Students who have met 2 of the 3 criteria - £18 per ticket (Silver ticket)

Students who have met 1 of the 3 criteria - £20 per ticket (Bronze ticket)

To purchase a ticket, students must go to student services. The staff there will inform students which colour ticket they are eligible for (Gold, silver or bronze) and then they will take the payment and issue a receipt. If students have any questions about the prom, criteria, which ticket they can buy etc then direct them to Mr Gibson


Students can come into the academy after exams have finished to purchase a ticket but MUST SIGN IN AT RECEPTION FIRST and then SIGN OUT AFTERWARDS


The academy holds the right to refuse attendance at the prom for those students who have not behaved appropriately whilst in Year 11. A letter will be sent to students who will not be allowed to attend and the reasons will be clearly stated