Exam Results 2019

Outwood Academy Hemsworth Achieve Record Results

This year Outwood Academy Hemsworth have recorded record results for the school. 37% of students have achieved a grade 5 or higher in English and maths. This is a 17% increase on the previous year’s results.

Principal Toby Rutter comments: “I am delighted with these record results. It is credit to the hard work put in by staff, Governors, parents/carers and most of all students. These results demonstrate that the school is rapidly moving in the right direction and is one that the community can be proud of.”

2019 saw some fantastic results for our students in maths. Grade 4+ increased by 13% to 59% and 5+ by 15% to 40%. 15% of our students obtained a grade 7+ and 7 of these managed to include themselves in the top 3% of the country by achieving a grade 9, amazing. Our Head of Department Laura Ravenscroft shared that” These results display just how much effort and hard work was input by both the students and the members of the maths department. I and the team and so proud of the class of 2019 - well done all!”
GCSE English Language results improved significantly at Outwood Academy Hemsworth year on year (summer 2018 vs. summer 2019) moving from 47% (2018) to 68% (2019) of students achieving the standard pass of Grade 4+ (a 21% increase) as well as moving from 30% (2018) to 56% (2019) of students achieving the good pass of Grade 5+ (a 16% increase). Outwood Academy Hemsworth is also proud to congratulate the 24% of students who achieved a Grade 7+ demonstrating that high ability students succeed.

Science results also improved in every single measure against 2018 and we are all delighted by this. The number of grade 5's increased by 12% in combined science and on average 24% in Separate Sciences. It was also pleasing to see large numbers of students achieving grade 9 in both Separate and Combined Science. The Head of Department Mark Ward commented “Congratulations to our fantastic students and staff. We continue to work on improving, so that 2020 is even better still.”