Monday 25 June 2018 – new Behaviour Policy (Consequences) starts for all Year 8 students (the policy will be rolled out across year groups over the remaining weeks of the summer term).

From Monday 25 June 2018 – the following applies to ALL students in Years 7-10:

  • No mobile phones – students may bring them to school for safety reasons but they must be switched off and in bags. If mobile phones are seen during the school day they will be confiscated, stored in the safe and can only be collected by an adult family member after 3.30pm. Students may use a school phone should they need to contact you. If you need to contact your child in an emergency please ring reception and we will get a message to them.
  • No jewellery – students will be checked on entry to the academy and if students are wearing jewellery it will be confiscated, stored in the safe and the student can collect it at the end of the day.
  • Nails – no nail polish/varnish allowed. Acrylic nails/extensions are not allowed and should be removed.
  • Makeup – discreet makeup is allowed but if we judge the makeup to be too heavy we will ask students to remove some of it until it is discrete. Makeup wipes will be provided.
  • Outwood tie – this must be worn properly and clipped to the top of the student’s white shirt with the top button fastened. If a student has not brought their tie, without a signed note in their planner, explaining why or it is not being worn correctly they will receive a detention.

If students fail to follow a reasonable request by members of the Senior Leadership Team, parents/carers will be contacted and a fixed term exclusion will be issued. We ask that parents/carers support us by ensuring you check that your child complies with all of the above before arriving at school.